Sunday, June 26, 2005

The show last night went extremely well--largest standing ovation of a run, and a very invested house with a lot of energy. Bill Gates came to the show last night, which added a certain frisson, I have to admit: given the form of my monologues, it is strange to think that I had two hours of the richest man in the world's undivided attention, but that's exactly what happened last night. Life is a funny thing.

Today we're having brunch, followed by the final performance--I'm looking forward to both.

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A lot of air conditioners.

Also of interest--Bibleman. I've laughed at this character in the past, but did you know the composition of Bibleman's new villains? They are all suspiciously, ahem, Jew-y:

The Fibbler - A Jewish Gene Wilder / Burgess Meredith kind of villain who clouds the minds of young people and gets them started down the path of evil secular humanism by encouraging white lies and equivocation.

You have to read this to get it all.
12:21 PM