Tuesday, June 21, 2005

My brother on Moxie:

Moxie: The soda that tastes like root beer and dead fish, mixed with love and dirt.

Once again, they tilt at the windmill:
a flag-burning amendment passes the House. It's pathetic that so many brave and loyal Americans could so completely misunderstand their own freedoms to the extent that they would actually think this is a good idea.

A great time was had last night at the ReBar, where we held ALL STORIES ARE FICTION for a one-night engagement. It was a rough theater experience through and through--the lights fluttered strangely, it was hot and dim, but through it all the story really came through--I think it may have been one of my favorite ASAFs ever, wrestling with issues of identity, free speech and the American theater system. Also, there were midgets having oral sex--it was an evening that covered a lot of ground. Thanks to everyone who attended, and to SketchFest for putting on a fantastic night.

(Note: I told a story about midgets having oral sex on stage. That did not happen at the performance itself.)

I'm quoted today in this article, listed alongside a lot of other author's talking about what it's like to write a book. I wish I could remember when I gave that quote, but I can't deny it--it sounds like something I would say, through and through.
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