Thursday, June 16, 2005

Hello, TCG Folks:

A lot of you are in Seattle, and so I'm just going to drop this at the top of my website for the conference. THE UGLY AMERICAN, my monologue of sex, violence and the dark underbelly of theater is playing at ACT Theatre, located at 700 Union Street in Seattle. Contact me through the email link if you're interested in tickets, or just say hello at the conference.

Some relevant links:

ACT Theatre's homepage
The Ugly American at ACT

Seattle Weekly review
The Stranger review
Charleston City Paper review

Charleston City Paper preview

A hilarious, strange year abroad...with a ferocious vocabulary and a great raconteur's voice that can soar from a confidential whisper to a gored-bull bellow, Daisey gives anyone who's ever acted in anything a lot to chortle heartily at in "The Ugly American."
Seattle Times

You can’t make up these stories . . . sincerely poignant, side-splitting.
Charleston Post and Courier

Mike Daisey brings new life to a neglected 19th-century literary trope: the tale of the naive American trying to survive among sophisticated Europeans.
Seattle Post-Intelligencer

Great storytelling that makes you laugh and think—who could ask for more?...Daisey eschews intense characterization in favor of good old-fashioned, pure storytelling, and it’s refreshing. It makes his tale the focal point, and it makes his stories more honest and human. That’s American, and it ain’t ugly.
Charleston City Paper
3:27 PM