Saturday, June 11, 2005

Courtesy of Ray, check out these real posters that have appeared on the MARC trains between Baltimore and Washington D.C.

Sadly, this isn't a joke or parody:


Fantastic house last night--wonderful and warm, and the show flowed marvelously--it might have been my favorite performance of the show so far, though that's always like picking your favorite child. Afterward we went drinking up at the Satellite and worked our way down to the venerable Rosebud, after which we ran into our stage manager on the street and had a lovely curbside conversation before making our way down the hill to the hotel--just a really lovely evening all around.

Reviews have started to come in from Seattle papers--the Seattle Times has weighed in first-

A hilarious, strange year abroad...with a ferocious vocabulary and a great raconteur's voice that can soar from a confidential whisper to a gored-bull bellow, Daisey gives anyone who's ever acted in anything a lot to chortle heartily at in "The Ugly American."
Seattle Times

The same reviewer also called me, "a blond dumpling of a man." In the past, she's called me "owl-shaped." Mind you, I'm not complaining, but sometimes I feel like I'm collecting a library of bizarre descriptions...maybe someday we'll make a section of the site with all of those pieces laid out next to one another. Owl-shaped dumpling, here I come!

2:39 PM