Thursday, June 09, 2005

And we're open.

A very good opening, I thought--solid house, though the odd contingent of DeVry students lent a strange energy to the proceedings, including them spontaneously booing at the mention of my name in the preshow announcement. On the upside, they did have energy--it was just a matter of harnessing it, and I was able to knit together the disparate opening night crowd pretty quickly, and the show really lifted off. I had a great time, and it always feels good to know you delivered what you intended to on opening.

The party afterward was solidly okay--few sexy hijinks, even though Jean-Michele wore her party dress, but with it being a Wednesday night and the small cast you get with a monologue it just wasn't happening. Also, if anyone from ACT reads this, it would be a good idea to insert a note in the program on opening to let people know there is an event afterward--otherwise folks assume that's it and they hit the road. OTOH this might be an effective crowd control tactic--I can't tell.

Good food though, and pleasant company--thanks to everyone who came out to the opening to wish us well; it was wonderful having so many warm and friendly faces in the crowd, and so great to see everyone after the show.
3:38 PM