Monday, June 06, 2005

Well, The Light In The Piazza missed out on the big prizes of Best Musical and Best Direction, but still took home 6 Tonys including Leading Actress in a Musical for Victoria Clark. Here is the breakdown--many congrats to Bart and everyone, and I hope that the well-deserved accolades help fill the seats for a long run.

Last night's preview was quieter, with lower energy and a smaller house. That was good, as it helped us see exactly what needs to be tightened and adjusted, and a lot of today will be spent doing exactly that--sharpening scenes, pouring over notes and getting ready.

 41179715 Crazy203
Oh, and everyone knows about Jamster, right? And that damn Crazy Frog they put on their ads? Well, he's a #1 hit in the UK--at the top of their charts.

And people said Pac Man Fever would never return. BWAHAHAHHAHAHA!
12:46 PM