Monday, May 23, 2005

Wonderful day for me--quiet, as JM has been over with her family. Tore down the outline and rebuilt it again, and the changes are getting smaller, which is great--that's exactly what should be happening at this point in the process. I think it's really going to be quite a show. We leave Wednesday morning for Charleston and the Spoleto Fetsival, which is a huge deal--I've been told 100 things to do and see in Charleston, and I'm excited to be in a very new place doing new work. Before today I was very nervous, but the sun is shining, my thoughts are clicking and the whole enterprise makes more and more sense--let's hope that holds.

Dan Gross over at slate has a great piece on pension "cram downs"--cases where workers meet all their obligations, but the company still screws the worker--a common theme becoming more common all the time.
10:03 PM