Tuesday, February 15, 2005

The New York Times > Theater > News & Features > True to Her Orthodox Beliefs, if Not to Her Roots:
And if the title, "J.A.P.," might be offensive to Asians or to Jews, who may recognize the shorthand for "Jewish American Princess," then that is not so unusual either. Performers often lampoon their own heritage, and that is precisely what Ms. Factor, a Japanese-American and unreligious Christian who converted to Orthodox Judaism, is doing.

Interestingly, despite her adherence to a religion that prohibits her from performing on Saturdays or singing in front of men outside her family, and requires her to forgo leotards for long skirts and modest hair coverings, she said she was more successful as an entertainer now than ever before. Since converting, Ms. Factor has become something of a celebrity, albeit within the small Orthodox subculture.

7:04 PM