Thursday, February 24, 2005

My friend Cintra just wrote a eulogy for HST at Salon...and the first 4 chapters of a depraved work of hers is being published, serialized in USA Today.

This. Is. Shocking.

When did "Fuckhead Retardo Mag" (my own private, special name for USA Today) get into publishing stories? And, from what I've read so far, stories that are filled with deviance?  Beats me. Here's the opening graph:

Santa and I went to Mount Wilson, a school for delinquent kids who had been expelled from all other schools in the district and/or were El Salvadorean. Santa, aka Greg Sabatini, my best friend, the black-eyed, electrocuted weasel-boy, was there because he had ADD and was therefore on an irregular diet of Ritalin and Mountain Dew and therefore was incapable of controlled thinking. I flunked out of my school because I stopped going.

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4:08 PM