Wednesday, February 23, 2005

From my inbox:

We are BUsiness Management students from Queen Mary university Of London, London, UK. Basically, We are doing a critical review presentation on one of your books namely, 21 Dog years, dpoing time @ We are trying to search some materials to help us with our presentation. Apparantly, we are one of the biggest failure in the history of mankind. The closing deadline is also hampering our sleep like anything.

We would really appriciate if you could help us with some reviews and materials to make our presentation look resourceful. The book was honest and a lot different from main stream business books. But it had a  mixed interpretation of Amazon and it's management. If you could be kind enough to be a bit specific in respect of organisational culture and the development of strong cultures and their effects on the workforce.

I get two or three of these emails every month. While I am happy that people might be reading 21 Dog Years, if they think it is a business management book they really need to have their head examined, preferably by a competent professional.
11:55 AM