Sunday, February 20, 2005

Email excerpt from my beloved mother-in-law:

haven't heard from you, but hope all went well with
the show.
we just got back from the cabin--it was too cold to
spend three days there--no snow, but cold as usual and
the fireplace was heating slowly.  the hot water
wasn't working and when we got up this morning, the
water didn't come out the pipes.  i think the water
froze in the pipes coming into the cabin, so they did
thaw after a few minutes and we had water and then it
stopped so i think it refroze and then it started so i
think it thawed.  we cleaned up and hit the road.
it's good to be old and know when to cut and run.
would love to remodel that cabin--which is always the
thought when we're up there.

It's a lovely cabin, for all the issues--I wish I was there now.
5:28 PM