Thursday, February 03, 2005

Pretty good piece on the always-deprecating Paul Giamatti. When he did theater in Seattle he was a stalwart member at Annex Theater--I know he worked with Dan Fields, and Narver, I assume. Before my time, but only a bit before--I came on the scene as grunge was dying or dead, and in its void slackerdom was reaching new heights, hibernating in the warm, good economy before the advent of dot-com mania.

The houses in Portland continue to amaze--the show has been selling out night after night, we added shows, added seats and still it sells out. It's a real push to the end now, with the final performance Sunday night--it'll be the last time we do 21 Dog Years for awhile, the fall at least, and possibly a lot longer...for the first time, there is the real possibility that the show may be going to sleep for a long time.

But that's fine--and how wonderful for it to be fine! Between Monopoly! at the Ohio and the non-stop tour of The Ugly American from May until August, there really isn't room for 21 Dog Years right now--and after 250+ performances over four years it's earned a substantial break. I'll miss the show, because it's so much a part of my blood and bone, but I'm sure there'll come a time to bring it back up again, and I have no doubt that it'll be there, ready to go--it's bulletproof at this point, a wonderful place for a work to get to.

On that note, I have a noon performance tomorrow. Oy.
5:25 AM