Friday, June 25, 2004

We're on a tear now--we have shows every night from now until July 2nd.

There's an article in the Alameda Times-Star about WASTING YOUR BREATH--you can read that here. Quite a few factual errors, little mis-steps, and I can't tell if I didn't express myself well in the interview or what. For the record, I didn't do much theater in bars, though we often go to bars immediately after shows and that may blur matters. Also, my series at P.S.122 is called ALL STORIES ARE FICTION, but that's really quibbling in the end. I do want to say that all the fringe theater I've done is not bad--proportionately I think I did as much bad theater on the fringe as I would have done in the professional circuit, except that the disasters tended to be more interesting and bizarre, and hence ultimately better.

3:31 PM