Monday, June 28, 2004

Last night a posse of folks after the show informed me that they all read my blog. That would be these random scratchings, links and whatnot you see collected here. I find it amazing that

A) someone is reading, and
B) that it would inspire them to see something live.

Brave, brave folks. Thanks for coming out to the show.

Have you seen The Terminal? I hear bad things about it, and I've sworn off Spielberg, but I did love this report from New Yorkish, detailing how even though they BUILT AN ENTIRE TERMINAL for the film no one thought to pick chains that exist on the East Coast, where the airport (JFK) is ostensibly set.

(Why does he always look like this? It's like Thurston Fucking Howell III.)

Also, call girls are flying in for the Republican convention--demand is expected to be up, up, up!

Tonight is the second workshop for WASTING YOUR BREATH. I was reminded today how harrowing this story is--there's a lot to be answerable for, and I can't say I'm looking forward to it. Response so far has been very informative, and I'm hopeful that the story can unfold and develop here in a way that will make it better than ever. To that end, I'm off to fix lighting cues and get ready for the show.

3:37 PM