Wednesday, June 23, 2004

For those that missed it, you can listen to the radio play of 21 DOG YEARS for the next 3 days or so at the BBC. After that I guess it vanishes into the ether, though I may choose to host it at that point--the verdict is still out on that.

Last night's revival/resurrection of WASTING YOUR BREATH went very well--more audience than I expected, and they were tremendously loyal and attentive, which rocked. The show was much like a lot of my first attempts--much was there, some tones were screwed up, it's a bit clunky in sections and the whole thing ran too long--at two hours even my ass was hurting by the end, so I feel enormous sympathy for the audience, which I tried to express to them at the curtain call.

We did it without lighting changes, without sound effects or blocking--just me at a table, performing the story itself. After the show we went out with a few folks who had came, and I have to admit I was so shy, like an amateur--I was so naked, and felt so exposed from performing this story. It will take some getting used to, and some time to really run it up to the proper speed, but now we have a great palette to build from.

Also in the news this morning--we're extending here in Berkeley! I'm tremendously excited about this, and so is BRT--an official statement comes out today, but you heard it first here, which makes sense, as it's my website and JM and I are the entire team for the show.

Now I have meetings, writing, meetings and, if God smiles upon me, I will do laundry.

2:17 PM