Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Celebrated JM's birthday last night in the manner of our people, with friends, beer, and darts followed by a midnight screening of Spider-Man 2. For the record (as though you haven't already seen it) it's a great film--I think I liked it more than the first one, due in large part to Alfred Molina's bug-eyed Doc Ock.

The disappointing part is that the Comic Book Store guy's cousin, who is the only person who sat behind us, not only acted like a total tool during the film by laughing ridiculously at inside jokes and being an ass, but as the credits came up he bolted from the theater because he had robbed us--JM's wallet had fallen on the ground just at the end of the film, and when the worm saw it he grabbed it and ran. I can only hope that some guy spears him with a jousting stick at his next SCA tournament, defenestrating him but good.

Such a shame--a wonderful film and a wonderful movie, and then in the midst of all this talk of heroism and wonder some lowlife shit steals a wallet that has NOTHING in it--he got $20 and a bunch of immediately cancelled credit cards.

We seem to be recovering well, though--JM has her passport, and we're reconstructing things pretty good, considering we're 3000 miles from home.

10:21 PM