Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Berkeley so far is a trip--sunny, bright, filled with happy people who seem to have their medications balanced. No one has compelled me to do yoga. Our apartment has a small patio. In all ways, I can totally work here, and the staff of Berkeley Rep are a dissolute bunch of yahoos in the best possible way.

I'm off to a 9am rehearsal. I guess the hours go with the yoga and the balanced mind shit, but NYC I'm often going to bed at 4am, so this seems like unnatural punishment.

Oblig NYT link: a review of Fascinating Aida, who performed with me at Edinburgh last summer. verdict from the Times is a big thumbs up.

Oblig snarky link: a great piece on New York theater's most hated critic, Michael Riedel. Required reading.

11:51 AM