Thursday, May 13, 2004

Last night was the big Rave Revue, a benefit at Capitale held by P.S.122 and FEVA for Mark Russell. Mark has been the artistic director at P.S. for several hundred years, and with his departure folks wanted to celebrate everything he'd done.

Capitale is, in fact, the set from the first Batman movie--the scene where Vicky Vale and The Joker have lunch and Batman comes through the window in the ceiling. You know..."Where does he get such wonderful toys?"--that place. I kept waiting for that to happen all night.

The fact that all sorts of crazy club nightlife was out in force only accentuated the effect--it looked like a Gotham City Masquerade, with trannies in high pumps, the Blue Bunny in his diaphanous attire and a cast of hundreds, dressed up or dressed down, depending on your perspective.

There were performances by Eric Bogosian, Karen Findlay, Meredith Monk and tons more, running from the sublime to the half-baked. My friend Jonathan ended the evening engaging in a full-on boxing match with another artist while Julie strutted across the stage, calling out round numbers by tearing off her clothing and spitting fake blood into the air.

We saw tons of folks we hadn't seen in too long, caught up with people, drank...oh, you know. It was such a delight that even though I've only been in this town a paltry 3 years this summer, I have such a community--so bright and brash and occasionally stupid--and how happy I am to be a part of it all.

It was worth it all, even though I am now unbelievably behind the eight ball. Ha! Mush! Mush!
12:55 PM