Tuesday, April 27, 2004


Manhattan Theatre Club invites you to
6@6 2004:
Rehearsed Readings of New Work

May 3rd
by Mike Daisey

In his latest monologue, Mike Daisey looks back on his experiences ten
years ago, when--having never lived anywhere larger than his hometown,
pop. 300, in the remote backwoods of Maine--he went to London to study
theater at the feet of Gielgud and Olivier and other
important-sounding, possibly dead white men. After three months of
being told that if he could just stop being funny then he might become
a real actor one day, Daisey discovers a performance group that creates
idiosyncratic shows in an abandoned church with a Waiting for
Guffman-like fervor. When he falls in love with an actress who is,
unbeknownst to him, a member of the world's oldest profession, he
suddenly realizes he's in way over his head.

In The Ugly American, Daisey looks back on the highbrow and the lowbrow,
from serving tea to Tom Stoppard to driving drunk with his girlfriend's
pimp, weaving together the lessons of artifice, class, gender, and
power that both worlds so violently taught him.


Each reading takes place on a Monday night at 6pm on the 8th floor of
Manhattan Theatre Club's Creative Center, 311 West 43rd Street between
8th and 9th Avenues. (If there is a line for the elevator, enter at 315
West 43rd Street.)

To RSVP, please call (212) 399-3000 ext. 163
Reservations are recommended as seating is limited.

6:33 PM