Wednesday, March 03, 2004

The Way The Deck Is Stacked "On Sunday a guy from the Edwards campaign called my house trolling for votes. He didn't ask to speak to me, since I'm not on the list of registered Democrats. He asked to speak to my wife, who is. I handed the phone to her and stood there while she told the poor guy that she intended to vote for Kerry because she wanted to get the primaries over with and unite the party against Bush.

There you have it. Electability-oriented Democrats like my wife could vote in most of today's primaries. Independents like me couldn't. It's hard to imagine a more effective mechanism for filtering out the Edwards vote. For three weeks, I've been crunching numbers to substantiate the theory that Edwards' fate rested on the participation of independents. Today I lived it."
--William Saletan in Slate

12:50 AM