Thursday, March 18, 2004

There's a very moving piece by Mark Russell of P.S.122 at the Village Voice on Spalding Gray. Read the whole piece, but I have to clip out this section, which I can't stop thinking about,

I found an old school desk on Houston Street, bought it, stripped it of gum and old paint, and stained it myself in the play yard of P.S.122, so he would have a special table to work on when he visited. We kept a cold beer backstage for him post-show, Anchor Steam Liberty Ale. The tech crew, not ordinarily used to costume duty, made provisions to iron his plaid shirt each week.

It's a lesser work, but I have written something for THE STRANGER this week on Spalding, which you can find here.

So much death, and still, here we go.

2:16 PM