Wednesday, March 03, 2004

McDonald's is eliminating supersized fries and sodas. Hmmm. It interests me that McDonald's is torqueing so far toward health--between Fast Food Nation a few years ago and now the film SUPER SIZE ME it seems like they're doing what they can to reform their image.

Unlike some of their other steps, getting rid of gi-hunormous sizes will probably have an effect--I know that when I'm hungry I often eat until what I am eating is gone, and if you reduce the sizes you'll reduce some degree of eating. i am saddened a little, because making thing ridculously large is an American trademark--it seems strange that when I'm old I'll be able to tell kids that I remember the old days, when the fries were as big as a bucket, and the soda was served streaming out of a multi-gallon hose. You just lift to your mouth and chug all you could drink.

3:08 PM