Sunday, March 28, 2004

Latest Craigslist fun--further bizarro pet requests!

I want a really really cute puppy that would match the decor of my leisure den. My new expensive carpet is champagne colored. Must not shed. Must not bark unless there is a way a vet is willing to remove its larynx(can they declaw it so my wooden floors don't get scuffed? they do it for cats). I prefer a puppy that is as little and cute as possible, taken from the mother from day one and given to me ( after all, I am going to be the real mommi-kins.
If it does have an "accident" more than once outside its cage I would like assurance that I can get my money back. Also would like to know if there is a problem with keeping a muzzle on( except when it is eating), I heard that some dogs chew on furniture or should giving the poochie a little smack on the nose keep it in check? I run a tight ship in my house , I love animals enough not to let them go crazy in my house.
Willing to pay $800 tops.

8:34 PM