Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Well, EMAILGATE appears to be passing, and things aren't quite as dire as I feared they would be. Many folks appear to have received only one copy of the email, and no death threats have been lodged with me...yet.

Thought I'd time-out from the self-promotion to link to Andrew Sullivan's moving piece on marriage. Regardless of your feelings about Sullivan, (I'm rather fond of him myself), it's a heartfelt and simple piece that really moved me.

If that's a bit heavy for you, read about how a hemorrhoid creme maker wanted to use Johnny Cash's RING OF FIRE in their ad campaign. No, really. I can't make that stuff up.

Or take a look at this:

State officials dismiss the notion they are playing Big Brother, but the potential is rather Orwellian. In theory, said Revenue Department Commissioner Alan LeBovidge, the state may eventually be able to track down so much information about a resident's finances that the state, rather than the individual, could complete the individual's tax return.

And the world keeps getting smaller.

4:18 PM