Saturday, February 14, 2004

Sometimes Tynes has the best lines.

I guess no one should be surprised, but this NYT article on Amazon reviewers makes me very glad that I've never engaged in such behavior. Ick.

Watched a movie last night without losing all coherence--the puppy is such an attention-seeking whore that it's been impossible up until now. It may also have been possible because it was Everyone Says I Love You, a bizarre Woody Allen musical. Now, I love Allen--he's a weakness of mine. I even love mediocre Allen. But's like they weren't even trying. The film meanders and sloughs along, stopping here, joking there, and nothing happens for the whole length of it while people sing in a spacey, lip-syncey kind of way. And at the end the main character says, "And that's the end. It's all so unbelievable, I had to write it down..." which is such bullshit that it actually made me laugh.

Compare this "weird" family to The Royal Tenenbaums--there's an erratic wealthy New York family.

And a happy Valentine's Day to you and yours, while we're at it.

12:28 PM