Thursday, February 05, 2004

Article on the industry of Google-optimizing that has sprung up now that the big G is used for 80% of internet searches.

Things are, frankly, a mess. We had torrential rains on Tuesday that flooded into the back of the apartment, bringing rainwater and SILT in under my desk and all over my electronics. It was a Back To Nature moment...we always think of our homes being indoor spaces, and not having any connection to the outdoor spaces that lurk just six or eight inches away. Suddenly having all this alien material inside my home was really shocking--and having it come up at my desk was incredibly annoying, as I had to tear the whole thing apart to dry the electronics and clean everything.

Could be worse--nothing seems to be permanently damaged, and now that the ice on a pipe has melted the runoff shouldn't come shooting into the house that way again. It's still amazing how you can totally lose momentum for an entire week because of a little rain.

2:22 PM