Monday, August 11, 2003

This WaPo article is a little over the top, but I know that I have become very interested in the minutae of my Starbucks Experiences. Today, for example, I meant to get a bunch of blogging done and some solid thinking, only to discover that a school choir had set up in my favorite store, singing dirge-like, soulless and loud renditions of "Lean On Me" and other hits. Blech.

More interesting Starbucks news as some are closed by impostors in the Bay area. I like that they had someone on the inside to get official Starbucks' letterhead...nice touch.

The weekend was pretty great--Daniel Kitson particularly deserves a longer article, which I will have to make up later. For now I need to schlep myself back home and do some maintenance--costumes need ironing, house needs cleaning, I have an air mattress that needs assembly. I am realizing that living here the whole month is much like living in Disneyland, with all the freakish dislocation and festival trauma that implies...sometimes what you want most from your coffee shop is for a choir to NOT show up. You know?

10:37 AM