Thursday, September 26, 2002

What a week lies ahead! We just got in two hours ago from LA to JFK, and now i am sitting at Casa de Daisey, hurriedly pulling together clothing and provisions for a flight that leaves in just four hours. We are headed up to the wilds of central and northern Maine, so that I can perform at my alma mater, Colby College, a learned institution that foolishly granted me my undergraduate degree in the nineties, before it had dawned on them what horrors they had unleashed on an unsuspecting world.

The show is actually going on Friday night, in the Runnals Union on the Strider stage, a site where I performed well-nigh continuously while I attended Colby, and i am really excited about walking out on those boards again. We'll tech on Thursday, do the show Friday night at 7:30 and then on Saturday i'll be doing some seminars...yes, now I get to teach! BWAHAHAHHAHAHHAA! I'm doing two talks, on telling stories and then on networking--hopefully people will attend and give it a try. It should be very interesting to walk back into the old stomping grounds as a visiting and working artist, a position I never really believed I would ever discover or attain.

If you live in Maine and would like to attend, check here for details.

We then leave Maine after the weekend, because of corporate gigs and other performances, but hopefully I'll get to post more impressions on my Return to Academia as it occurs. We shall see.

2:10 AM