Tuesday, July 16, 2002

I am posting this from Bryant Park, where as I noted a few days ago the wonderful people at NYCwireless have worked with the Bryant Park administration to coat the whole park in WiFi. What a fantastic idea, seamlessly implemented. Incredible coverage, too--everywhere I've gone in the park I have had 100% signal strength, so I keep looking for where they have the node points--so far I can't find them.

From where I sit I can see the Chrysler building, the Empire State--it's an awesome view, and as the good people of this city saunter by and I cackle with glee at having wireless broadband in the park, it seems like a small slice of the future has arrived.

On the more prosaic level, I still don't know quite what I am doing for this event tonight--guess that's my special gift and curse, like all good superpowers. I need to head over to Williamsburg and make certain everything is all set to go for the event--hopefully I'll see some of the people who are reading this over there, and you'll find out firsthand what it is I end up saying.

5:00 PM