Wednesday, May 22, 2002

I am recording the audiobook today, which is a fascinating process--it incorporates the acting and writing elements of my work, like doing the show live does, but since it is completely book-based it's a...well...more "literary" version. I'm enjoying it a hell of a lot more than I thought I would, as I had feared that instead I would be smacking myself in the head over and over as I read tortured see, after turning the book in I haven't read it again, since in my mind that would seem narcissistic, unnecessary and difficult since I can't actually do anything about any problems and errors I detected. Thankfully I have just stormed past chapter three, and after a brief break I will go back in a soundproofed chamber and read some more. So far, so good.

Also, Amazon started shipping the book today, which is a little odd as it is weeks before the on-sale date...I don't know if it means they are really excited about it, or want to be the first kids on their block selling the book about themselves, or if indeed it means nothing at all. So if you have preordered, it is winging its way to you right now.

This also means that soon the Amazon customer review section will be live, and the great debate will begin--I hope that people do post some reviews, and of course I want them to be good. I just hope that a negative one written by doesn't rise to the top, telling the world that I suck. Time will tell.

I need to get back to recording.

For the record: I have hit two words in the book so far that I pronounce incorrectly when I say them. Let me tell you, that is a humbling experience.

12:25 PM