Saturday, April 20, 2002

Today summer is gone again--yesterday on the way to the theater the weather was fierce, the sky a sudden sickly yellow and the wind blew like a twister was coming down. After a week of hot weather it was sudden and disorienting, and as we rushed to make it on time the dirt in the street got blown up and all over us...I actually had dirt in my mouth when I got to the theater. Ah, New York! Even the dirt tastes good!

Last night was the first double, and it went very well. Full houses for both shows, and the show is becoming very solid--I was really pleased with my work, and though it was exhausting at points, I think I'm going to be able to hack this. I'd better, as I have two more shows this evening, and necessity has a way of motivating you most wonderfully.

Last night, on our way home on the subway Jean-Michele and I were exhausted but happy...and then, as we were getting off at our station, we both saw that a woman who had been riding in our car had been reading a Playbill from 21 DOG YEARS. We had been sitting about 3 feet from each other for the whole ride, and it was such a neat feeling to see that the people who come to the show are real people. It made me hopeful.

I have a show at 5pm and 9pm, so I'm off to eat, do notes with Jean-Michele and get ready for tonight.

11:56 AM