Wednesday, April 24, 2002

It is eight am, and I'm up early. NPR is on the radio, and I have a lot of ground to cover today--there are meetings all over the city and even (gasp!) some creative work to be done. Still, if I've learned anything in the last eighteen months it is that for every hour spent in creative work, ten need to be spent paving the way for that to happen--in many ways, being a self-supported artist isn't that different from having a day job, in that promoting your art IS your day job.

On Monday night, after finishing the show JM and I visited another neat restaurant in the Village, Ghandi Cafe. It's an eclectic mix--this Indian joint has a brushed metal ceiling that looks like a leftover 50's kitsch diner, there are huge, oddly sexual glass lighting fixtures with delicate red bulbs, mirrored's somewhere between 80's brothel and a Bollywood flick. The food was great, and as we sat there we talked about how Monday was the first night that we really had a rhythm down--it is becoming a routine, which is dangerous in making us complacent but thrilling in how we can finally begin fully mastering the show.

Then Tuesday is our day off, which is one of the big reasons it was so quiet here...we haven't gotten the handle of actually relaxing, even a little, so instead I did interviews and slept a great deal. I'm hoping that all that stockpiled sleep will prove a good investment now that I'm back in for another week of work.

I'm behind in my email, trounced by my edits that need tending to and I really should finish some Raisin Bran, the Most Exciting Of All Brans, before shuffling off today. I'll write again soon and fill in some more details of what's been going on, creatively or otherwise.

Oh, one more thing: Las Vegas is building a megamonorail. I love these things.

8:06 AM