Wednesday, April 03, 2002

Got up early this morning, which has been wonderful...I'm having one of those mornings where I resolve to always get up early, have great mental health, keep up a chipper attitude and pay all my bills on time. I'm old enough now to know this can't last, but it's a great delusion to have.

In the small park near my house people were doing tai chi, and as I went to get my morning coffee I watched them both coming and going. I took a tai chi class in college, and it is one of those things that I remember with great fondness. At the time I took the class I thought that if I funneled positive energy into my life I would be able to lose weight, look great and attain a state of inner peace. I soon discovered that my habit of drinking and talking late into the night before going to tai chi at 7:30am made this an impossibility...instead tai chi became this horrific ordeal that I missed more often than I attended, and I can't even remember if I received credit for going.

Despite these setbacks, I guess I'm naive or idealistic enough to continue to believe in mornings, at least every once in a while, and I'm actually *writing* this morning, which is especially rare...and terribly necessary, as I have a long rehearsal all day where we are integrating the last sections of 21DY and working on honing some moments in the second half. I'd better cut this short so that I can get back to that, as if I'm late my directors will have my head on a stick.

9:46 AM