Thursday, April 04, 2002

Fantastic work today...the show is suddenly coming together, like any show does, in a rush and flurry in the last possible moments. It's strange to have worked on a theatrical piece for over a year--I've never had that opportunity in the past, and never imagined how valuable it could be. I feel like I've been learning in Amazon time, as though I've had 9 years of training and practice in the worlds of producing, for-profit theater, Broadway shenanigans and stagecraft. Even should it all go south and I need to perform my next show in a rented shoebox I am incredibly happy at what I've already taken away from the journey.

Tonight I ran the show again and again for tightening and pacing, and it was wonderful to know it so intimately...and it's scary to know a work so well that you have no excuses: at the end of the day, if it fails, I will definitely be the one to blame and it won't be through lack of effort. Still, there's a certain maturity and comfort in taking your shot, and tonight is the first time that I'm feeling really confident in our choices, and can get a full view of the work that Jean-Michele, Dan and I have put in over the last eight weeks.

I can't wait to get this up on stage.

11:55 PM