Friday, March 15, 2002

What on earth is Milla Jovovich wearing in this publicity shot for RESIDENT EVIL? It looks like she's in a micro-miniskirt, which is silly enough, but she seems to be wearing a red cocktail dress over the skirt, which is just bizarre.

God forgive me, I keep wanting to see this film. It's not so much the Milla...she doesn't really do it for me. It's more the weird previews I keep seeing for the film which end in a MATRIX-style karate kicking of an undead Doberman's head. There's something so improbable and delightful about attacking a really large, recently deceased dog with martial arts that insistently begs me to see this film. The fact that Webmaster John, my chief accomplice in the viewing of all terrible cinema, is in town only heightens my expectations.

Luckily I'll be busy shooting film all day long on some projects with John, which should keep me away from this movie...that weird assemblage dress Milla's got on should serve as a final warning to me, and I'll try to stay on the straight and narrow.

8:20 AM