Saturday, March 23, 2002

We've been shooting video for the site all day down at Galapagos, a great bar over in Williamsburg, which actually wraps up ten days of shooting all over New York. All that video will now be traveling home with Mr. Tynes for editing, and delicious new movies will begin springing onto the site shortly thereafter.

Tonight is a brief respite from all the fear and uncertainty: we're going to see THE GRADUATE, with Kathleen Turner (of Body Heat), Alicia Silverstone (of Clueless) and Jason Biggs (of American Pie). We have good seats that we got on the cheap, so we're close to the stage...I will be doing my best to resist yelling, "PIEFUCKER! IT'S THE PIEFUCKER!" when Mr. Biggs makes his entrance.

More after the show.

6:50 PM