Monday, March 25, 2002

Things are reaching a suicidal pace over here at Daisey Labs. The show is in full rehearsals now, and the work has really been intensive...Jean-Michele and Dan Fields have torn apart the show from top to bottom, and we've taken a lot of time putting it all back together again. Because I don't work from a script, creating a rehearsal process to identify material and shape it has been a big part of the process. It's a little like tearing an airplane apart, but not having any actual need to lay each piece out on a big sheet and then slowly figure out what they all do. It's been challenging work with a lot of pitfalls and roadbumps, but I'm very pleased with where we are heading...and I feel that I now have a much better idea of my own internal process of structuring and creating stories, which will make working on other shows a lot easier.

We've finished up all the filming for now, and Mr. Tynes heads back to Seattle tonight. We tried to show him a good time, and I think we did, but it's been mostly intensive work--he's taking a few well-deserved days off right now to actually see some of New York before he leaves town.

I have some more revisioning and editing of my outline to pack in before I get into rehearsal today.

2:32 PM