Sunday, January 20, 2002

Tid-bit from this morning's Slate I really enjoy, because it cuts through some of the noise around Enron to show something tangible:

Nestled in under the NYT lead is a full-color photo of a father reading a bedtime story to his son, with the caption, "'I was let go by voice mail,' says Mark Lindquist of Enron. Now he must figure out how to pay for therapy for his autistic son, Garrett, 3." The picture accompanies a case-by-case slam of Enron by its brutalized employees, people who lost thousands (sometimes hundreds of thousands) in salary and stock when the company flamed out. The NYT stuffs a photo of the motivational rocks given to employees over the years, with the Enron logo carved on one side and words like respect, communication and integrity on the other.

Let's hear it for pictures, eh?

7:33 AM