Monday, December 17, 2007

‘News’ I Team Says ‘Eff U’ to MTA - New York Magazine's Daily Intelligencer:

• Overhiring for Capital Projects: "Division was formed in 2003 to handle big construction projects, like the Second Ave. line and the expansion of the 7 line. It employs 68 — by next year that number is expected to rise to 150. There are 640-plus employees already working on capital projects at other agencies who pocket $38 million in salaries."

• Too Much Help Where We Don't Need It: "There are 21 bathroom attendants at Grand Central making $16,270 to $53,867 a year. Says Metro-North: '700,000 pass through each day, 10,000 meals are sold and they all have to pee.'"

•Too Many Bosses: "Eight agency chiefs make a total of $1.8 million a year, including hefty housing allowances even though many live within commuting distance."

• For the Love of God, They Have Lawyers: "The MTA couldn't fit all the lawyers it employs on a city bus. Dredging through last year's records, The News found a total 112 lawyers with a $12 million payroll. Many of them are hidden in a sub agency practically no one has ever heard of: the Manhattan and Bronx Surface Transit Operating Authority. In that agency alone, The News found 35 lawyers. There were 39 more at NYC Transit, 19 at MTA headquarters, 11 at the LIRR and eight at Metro-North. Even that was not enough. MTA headquarters has spent millions on outside counsel from some of New York's most prestigious —and expensive — law firms."

11:11 AM